Honda CRF enduro vuokraus 
Vuokrataan Honda CRF 300 Enduro moottoripyörät
Honda CRF 300 Enduro moottoripyörät lyhyt- ja pitkäaikaisvuokraus

Vuokraa Honda CRF 300 cc renkailla
Vuokraa Honda CRF 300 cc nastarenkailla

Honda CRF 300 vuokraus

Laitteet ovat uusia / melkein uusia ja virallisen huolto-ohjelman mukaisesti ja virallisen huoltoliikkeen huoltamia

Pääsääntöisesti vuokraamme laitteita koulutuskäyttöön sekä järkevään yrityskäyttöön

Meiltä myös Polaris mönkijöiden vuokraus. 
Useita eri malleja. 
Polaris 4 x 4  sportsman, Polaris 4 x 4 sportsman teloilla, 
Polaris 6 x 6 Big Boss, 
Polaris Rzr, Polaris RZR teloilla

Tarjouspyynnöt emaililla: 
tai puhelimitse  040 657 11 00 
(+358 40 657 11 00)


ATV rental Finland 
Our fleet conists a fleet of Polaris 570 vehicles and Polaris RZR 800 cc
Now Renting ATVs also with tracks.
Polaris BIG BOSS 6 x 6 for rent.
Polaris Sportsman for rent
Polaris RZR for rent
Polaris Ranger for rent
Most of all we want you to be safe and have a great time. 
For this reason our ATV:s are new, safe and well maintained vehicles. .

ATV rental Finland 

Our fleet conists a fleet of Polaris 570 vehicles. Now Renting ATV also with tracks. Most of all we want you to be safe and have a great time. For this reason our ATV:s are new, safe and well maintained vehicles. 

Polaris BIG BOSS 6 x 6 Y2021 also for rent.

Safe ATV rental Finland services. 

For movie makers ATV:s also available with driver services. 

An ATV with tracks is your answer for remote access in difficult terrain! • Carry more weight than a snowmobile • More stable and easier to ride than a snowmobile • Can be used in snow and mud in the same ride • Fun to ride

Powerful 44 HP ProStar Engine, proven independent suspension, and On-Demand True AW

For further information please contact:
tel.    +358 40 657 11 00 or send email to kaasila(at)

Now renting Polaris ATV with tracks

Polaris Prospector Pro® Track systems are designed, engineered and built specifically for Polaris® side-by-sides such as the Sportsman® models, so they deliver the best in performance, reliability, durability and value in every season. This track system’s mounting hardware, drive system gearing, and track design are all engineered and built specifically for the Polaris® side-by-sides. Polaris® track systems deliver the utmost in performance and productivity, with absolutely no compromise of vehicle cargo capacity or pulling power.

OPTIMIZED WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: The triangular geometry ensures optimized load distribution for the best flotation. The vehicle’s weight is spread over a much larger area, resulting in reduced down pressure and preventing your Polaris® side-by-side from sinking in.

DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY: Triple sealed main bearings along with an oil bath bearing housing offer superior load ratings and resist contamination for longer life expectancy in the field. Extra wide rubber-coated mid rollers with double-sealed bearings resist ice build-up during the winter while spreading the load of the vehicle to increase floatation and maintain load rating on tracks . 

OUTSTANDING TRACTION: The rubber tracks on the Prospector Pro® system are engineered to deliver the greatest bite, resulting in superior traction and pulling power. The tracks are precisely engineered to create optimized traction across the greatest track surface area. The track rubber compound and design resist deflection to maintain a stable contact patch on the ground to deliver the utmost in performance and comfort. These tracks are also ready for screw-in profile studs for enhanced traction. 

EASY STEERING, SURE HANDLING: Polaris® side-by-side track system steering is optimized by a combination of the rigid track frame, specifically designed Polaris® hubs, and track design. The result is the easiest steering, sure handling and reduced vibration. 

ATV rentals in Finland (4 wheel tractor model in the register) We rent high-quality new or otherwise well-maintained and clean four-wheeled ATVs for the event, film, advertising and festival makers and builders, security and law enforcement companies, as well as for construction and property maintenance companies. 

We rent ATVs for short and long term needs. 

We deliver the equipment on site to your destination at individually agreed schedules, including evenings and weekends: 

The tractor-wheeled tractor, the T3-class tractor, is primarily a work vehicle. T-card or tractor driving license. Driving license: At least 15 years on the road and at least a T-class driving license. If you have an A or B license you do not need a tractor license. 

ATV dimensions: 

Length 210 cm 

width 125 cm 

height with mirrors 146 cm 

seating height 93 cm. 

You can contact us via email: or call 0401 425 700 (+358 401 425 700). 

ATV rentals from us in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Salo, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Lahti, Kokkola, Tampere,, Kittilä, Atv Rental Kittilä, Rovaniemi, Imatra, Lappeenranta, Atv Rental Kotka Atv rental Vaasa Seinäjoki Finland 

We rent a quad bike delivered to an agreed location 

We also rent ATV trailers